Friday, 6 August 2010

Waiting for the postman...

This week the 25kg of clay for Hyndburn Mela was due to arrive. So we waited. And waited. And worried, and made alternative plans... but fortunately this afternoon it finally arrived. The postie asked if it was a great big box of marzipan! We've split the big bags up into 200g balls of clay, and just spent a fun hour playing with it to make a couple of sample 'creatures' to put on the stall. Dave has made a pig, and I have made a sparkly spider with googly eyes. We have got about 120 bags of clay altogether - hopefully it will be the right amount as we are hoping for a good turnout.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Meeting the writing group

The animated film we will be making will draw inspiration from Johns work on phase 1, and will be continuing the theme of exploring favourite places in Hyndburn. We want to interview local people and capture snippets of memories and feelings about the town centre.

We met up with the writing group that meet in Accrington Library last Monday evening to see if any of the members would like to be involved in writing a poem or piece of prose writing to read out in the film. Their next meeting is in three weeks - and we are really excited about going back and finding out what they have written. We want to include lots of different memories/places, so are looking for short written pieces. One of the members mentioned that he has a favourite chippy in town - but as he lives a few miles away in Rawtenstall, his chips are always cold by the time he gets home! We all laughed when he said this, and I can already imagine how this anecdote will look as an animation

Getting Started

Hello from Caroline and Dave at Huckleberry Films.

We are a small friendly film company based in Accrington, who have been commisioned to work on the Hyndburn section of the 'Liberating Empty Terrain' project. We will be making a documentary to look at all three stages of the project and have already filmed some great footage of the 'Portable Pixel Playground' event and with Phase 1 artist John Flanagan as he interviewed the public in July.

John has been researching how people use Accrington town centre and will be using his findings to make a new creative map of Accrington. His blog can be found here

We have also been commisioned to work on phase 2 of the LET project to make an animated film; and we'll be working alongside Rachael Elwell, who has been appointed to run a creative knitting/crochet project.