Friday, 3 September 2010

Meeting Up

Today  we met up with John Flanagan, (the phase 1 artist), and Rachael from ArtYarn (fellow phase 2 artist) to have a catch up. John is making a new map of Accrington, and we've had a look at some of his ideas today for the first time which we've been really excited about. As we are documenting the process too, it was a great opportunity to film some of his findings and take a few photographs.

We all had a walk around Accrington town centre after our meeting, to share ideas for the best places to Rachael and us to display our work next month, and see if there were new places for us to discover in town. Rachael is making some crochetted pieces for the animated film, so we discussed how to proceed with that and came up with lots of ideas.

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